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  • Welcome to Pennine Learning Online
    Stretching Minds | Broadening Horizons | Building Bridges

  • Welcome to Pennine Learning Online
    Stretching Minds | Broadening Horizons | Building Bridges

  • Welcome to Pennine Learning Online
    Stretching Minds | Broadening Horizons | Building Bridges

  • Welcome to Pennine Learning Online
    Stretching Minds | Broadening Horizons | Building Bridges

Pennine Learning

We work with schools, teachers, training providers and local authorities to support education, community cohesion and equality

Events, Training & Consultancy

We offer innovative, interactive and high-quality training for schools, local authorities and others. We also provide reviews and support for RE, SMSC and related areas. A range of tools and resources are available on our Resources page

Courses and networks are being held via Zoom or Skype during the Autumn term. We will hold these 'live'once guidance permits.  Contact us via for more details.


Religious Education Networks

Primary RE Network Calderdale 1545 - 1745 

Click here for Calderdale network programme for 2020-21. Bookings

29 Sep 2020  23 Feb 2021  25 May 2020.  

Primary RE Network Huddersfield 1545-1745 (Kirklees Learning Service)

1 Oct 2020  25 Feb 2021  27 May 2021. Book through

Primary RE Network Leeds 1530-1730 (Leeds for Learning)

17 Nov 2020, 16 Mar 2021, 8 June 2021. Book through 

Secondary RE Subject Leader Network 16:00 - 17:45

15 Oct 20

Religious Education courses


From Intent to Implementation: RE, Ofsted and SIAMS

Curriculum design with pupils -and inspectors - in mind

20 January 2021 (Leeds) 1530-1730. Details here.  Bookings www.leedsforlearning,

7 January 2021 (Tameside) 1600 - 1800. Details here. Book via


Being an Effective RE Coordinator 

Practical training to inspire a new subject lead. 

22 October and 5 November 2020 (Calderdale) 1500- 1730 by Zoom Details here. Bookings 

10 November and 1 December 2020 (Leeds) 1530-1730 by Skype. Details here. Book via 

11 and 18 Novemebr 2020 (Tameside) 1530 -1800 by Zoom. Details here. Book via 

29 January 2021 (Kirklees) 0900-1530 Book via 


Coordinators Plus Two half day workshops -book either or both

Morning: curriculum and creativity  Afternoon: action planning and assessment.

15 June 2021 (Calderdale) Details here. Bookings


Teaching Christianity Well 

18 May 2021 (Kirklees) 1300-1600. Bookings 


Teaching Three Faiths

Subject Knowledge and teaching strategies for Islam, Judaism and Sikhism

12 March 2021 (Calderdale). Details here. Bookings

27 April 2021 (Leeds). Details here. Bookings 


Education and Faith

A project to support schools in engaging with and learning about faith communities

Free training and support for faith communities which welcome school visits

Enquire via 

Two new online sessions in support of Interfaith Week 2020 are available to book now.

Primary Diversity Day 11 November. Online via Teams. Details here

Secondary Interfaith Question Time 12 November 0930 -1100. Online via Teams. Details here. 


SMSC, Fundamental Values and Equality

SMSC and Equality Network 1530-1730 

Kirklees and Calderdale 3 Nov 2020, 1 Mar 2021, 20 May 2021

Details here. Bookings or 


Inclusive Assemblies

Building a programme that nurtures understanding, tolerance and SMSC

19 January 2021 (Calderdale) 1500-1730. Details here. Bookings

21 January 2021 (Leeds) 1500-1730. Details here. Bookings 


School Governor Training

Training provided for Calderdale Governor Service 

Training events in the Autumn term via zoom. Further details of training and networks will be published in Autumn. 

Please contact for bookings or further information.

New Governor Induction  Two mornings of 10 November and 17 November (0900-1200) 

New to Governance: introductory course to schools for new governors 13 October (1800-2030)

Chairs Network 15 October (1830-2030)

Clerks Network 15 October (1300-1500)

Induction Training for New Chairs 19 November  (1800-2030)


Primary Mathematics

Calderdale Maths Networks 1300-1530 (Halifax)

Click here for programme for 2020-21 

20 Oct 2020  4 Mar 2021  22 June 2021

Staff training and consultancy for schools or clusters can also be arranged


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